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Local Entrepreneur Makes Her Debut at the 2008 Baltimore Book Festival: Lynn Pinder Releases New Christian Fiction Book and Launches Publishing Company

BALTIMORE – A local writer and entrepreneur, Lynn Pinder, is one of twenty-eight self-published authors scheduled to participate in the Authors Tent at the 2008 Baltimore Book Festival on September 28th from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Pinder’s book - Psalms of the Daughter - is the first book released through TAKE ACTION! Publishing (www.takeactionpublishing.com).

Psalms of the Daughter (ISBN# 978-0-6151-4410), an eclectic collection of Christian-themed poems and short stories, will surely tug at readers’ heart strings. The writing – honest and intense – accentuates an urban flair on pressing social issues rarely portrayed from a Christian perspective. The book also includes a set of discussion questions appropriate for book clubs and Christian Bible study groups. Reasonably priced at $11.95, Psalms of the Daughter is available for purchase online at www.takeactionpublishing.com.

Psalms of the Daughter is the first release of Pinder’s newly established TAKE ACTION! Publishing. TAKE ACTION! Publishing, a subsidiary of Create-A-Book Baltimore, was created to (1) help aspiring and seasoned authors use online resources to publish Christian-themed works of fiction and non-fiction; and (2) help individuals and organizations publish their stories of challenge and/or triumph in taking action against social, environmental, and economic injustices. TAKE ACTION! Publishing also works with socially conscious businesses, adult literacy organizations, schools, churches, and substance abuse programs to offer writing workshops as a healing tool for personal development, growth, and recovery.

An upshot of the slogan: Baltimore…the City that Reads, Pinder grew up poor in West Baltimore and is a current resident of an emerging, working-class neighborhood in East Baltimore. Like most of her neighbors in the 800 block of N. Montford Avenue, Pinder is a Baltimore citizen struggling to attain financial security and the American dream. She is a product of the Baltimore City Public School System and a graduate of the College of Notre Dame of MD. “I believe Baltimore is a city in renaissance and has more to offer the world than violence-tainted news headlines and drug-focused HBO series portrayals. I hope investors and business owners will see the value of supporting initiatives that help people live their best lives,” said Pinder. She challenges those who say they believe in a better Baltimore to move out of their comfort zones, to dig a little deeper, and to help ordinary people in Baltimore do extraordinary things.


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One Blessed Lady!

One Blessed Lady!
Call 1-800-929-1418 or email lpinder@thetakeactionnetwork.com to schedule Lynn Pinder for a booksigning and/or writing workshop in your community!

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http://dailyinspirationsforadultlearners.blogspot.com - a 31-day prayer journal for adult learners.

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www.takeactionpublishing.com - a publishing company that uses POD technology to help individuals and/or organizations publish their stories of challenge and/or triumph in taking action against social, environmental and economic injustices.

A disclaimer from TAKE ACTION! Publishing and Christian author, Lynn Pinder:

The showing of this video is in no way inferring or suggesting that Cece Winans is a supporter or endorser of Psalms of the Daughter or Christian Author, Lynn Pinder. The showing of this video is strictly for educational purposes in that it introduces viewers to the Prayer of Salvation. This video is being shown courtesy of Micah4910 who posted it on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYsjIWSqFuA.

Let is be a blessing to all who view it.

Lynn's Statement of Faith:


(1) The Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments, as the verbally inspired Word of God.

(2) the all-sufficient atonement by the blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, which cleanses anyone who believes on Him from all sin, and salvation through faith in Christ alone.

(3) a life of holiness and separation from the world and sin, no longer serving them, but serving the Lord with a pure heart.

(4) the church as the Body of Christ, a group of "called out ones." Chosen to reveal God's plan and purpose in the earth, and the local expression of this church functioning according to the New Testament order and organization.

(5) individual and collective praise and worship - all expressions of praise recorded in the Old and New Testament are meant for practice in the church today.

(6) the restoration to the church of all that the prophets have spoken, and the subsequent visual and bodily return of Jesus Christ to set up His Kingdom on the earth.

(7) the promise of eternal life for all those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Savior, and eternal damnation for those who reject Him and die in their sins.

Recommendations and Reviews:

“Lynn is a remarkable, compassionate author. Her latest book, "Psalms of the Daughter" is a testament to her caring abilities. Our foundation, The Soulcial Solutions Foundation, was pleased to sponsor a portion of her activity. It has been an honor to work with Ms. Pinder!” October 31, 2008

Matthew Fritz , Director of Technology , The Soulcial® SOLUTIONS Foundation